Sol LeWitt: Eighteen Artist-Designed Posters, 1967-1998

A collection of eighteen posters by Sol Lewitt, dating from 1967 to 1998. 

Lewitt, through his writing and work, did more to define Conceptual Art than any other individual. Simply put, it is art in which the idea is the primary thing; objects are secondary. Lewitt’s ideas found form in a diverse array of media, including wall drawings, structures (the term he preferred to sculpture), artists’ books, prints, posters, textiles, furniture, and assorted other objects and ephemera. No form was privileged over another, Lewitt’s methodology was rigorous and consistent, and as the art existed primarily in the idea, its realization (which was usually done by working with fabricators, assistants, printers, etc.) was simply a matter of dissemination--the process whereby the idea was made available. Thus this collection of posters is a compact retrospective, consisting of eighteen works spanning over thirty years, from the time of his earliest mature work to the point of international renown and acclaim as one of the true giants of contemporary art.

$7,500 for the set. Inquire.