HOLIDAY SHOP, featured Dec. 13th

Patrick Paine
Porcelain Book Display Bookends

This is a pair of bookends in white porcelain designed by Brooklyn-based sculptor Patrick Paine and produced in conjunction with 6 Decades Books. Each is cast and fired by hand and signed by Paine on the underside. If you are a book collector then you probably agree that there just aren't any decent bookends on the market. Everything is either too flimsy to support a row of heavy books, too poorly designed to do so without damaging them, or else too ugly to allow on the shelf in the first place. Paine's design has  none of these issues. They are smooth white porcelain so they won’t damage even the most fragile dust-jacket, they are heavy with a wide stance to stand solidly on the shelf and firmly support even tall, heavy art books, and they are designed to display a book face-out so you can show off a prized volume (but are such beautiful sculptural objects in themselves that you could just as well leave them unadorned).  They’re handmade so the dimensions vary slightly but each bookend is about 10 inches high, 7.5 in. wide, 6 in. deep, and weighs about 3.5 lbs. Ordinarily these bookends are $250 per pair but we now have a few available at a special price of $150 for a set of two. inquire

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