Sol LeWitt: Eighteen Artist-Designed Posters, 1967-1998

A collection of eighteen posters by Sol Lewitt, dating from 1967 to 1998. 

Lewitt, through his writing and work, did more to define Conceptual Art than any other individual. Simply put, it is art in which the idea is the primary thing; objects are secondary. Lewitt’s ideas found form in a diverse array of media, including wall drawings, structures (the term he preferred to sculpture), artists’ books, prints, posters, textiles, furniture, and assorted other objects and ephemera. No form was privileged over another, Lewitt’s methodology was rigorous and consistent, and as the art existed primarily in the idea, its realization (which was usually done by working with fabricators, assistants, printers, etc.) was simply a matter of dissemination--the process whereby the idea was made available. Thus this collection of posters is a compact retrospective, consisting of eighteen works spanning over thirty years, from the time of his earliest mature work to the point of international renown and acclaim as one of the true giants of contemporary art.

$7,500 for the set. Inquire.

Jason Polan on Roberta Smith's 10 Best list

Congratulations to Jason Polan on being named to Roberta Smith’s 10 Best of 2011 list in the New York Times today. If you missed the show, here is Smith’s original review of it, but make sure you don't also miss Polan’s new publication Every Counterfeit Handbag on Canal Street, a signed numbered edition that is available FREE, but only through December 23rd, exclusively at the 6 Decades / Boo-Hooray Holiday shop

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Jacobs, Jane. The Death and Life of Great American Cities. New York: Random House, 1961.

8vo.; black cloth boards, spine stamped in gilt; a few marks to top edge of pages printed dust-jacket; faint tanning to edges of dust-jacket and along spine; price-clipped. Near Fine.

First edition. A very handsome copy of Jacobs’ classic study of cities and urban planning. The influence of this book is still being felt. Jacobs’ critique of hyper rational modernist city planning is credited by many with turning the tide against the worst excesses of “urban renewal” (and, not incidentally, with saving Greenwich Village from Robert Moses).
$500 now $300   inquire

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Fleming, Ian. The Man with the Golden Gun. London: Jonathan Cape, 1965.

8vo.; clothbound in illustrated dustjacket; price-clipped, else fine.

First edition. The thirteenth book in Fleming’s James Bond series, one of the most successful franchises in the history of publishing (not to mention cinema). This copy is a second printing--the first printing had an embossed golden gun on the front board but the design was problematic to produce and was discontinued after only a few copies were printed. Classic trompe l'oeil jacket design by Richard Chopping. $500 now $250 inquire

Come by the 6 DECADES / BOO-HOORAY Holiday Shop. Every day till the 23rd there will be featured items announced on this site and in-store specials (such as Jason Polan’s FREE EDITION) as well as Dirk Westphal’s exhibition of nail polish Mondrians.

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Large 4to.; illustrated throughout in b+w; clothbound; housed in cloth slipcase along with a silver-gelatin photographic print matted within cloth portfolio. As new, in publisher's original glassine.

Limited edition. No. 45 of 100 numbered copies. Silver-gelatin print numbered and signed by the Bechers. Photo dated 1996, printed 2003.
$4,000 now $3,200

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Patrick Paine
Porcelain Book Display Bookends

This is a pair of bookends in white porcelain designed by Brooklyn-based sculptor Patrick Paine and produced in conjunction with 6 Decades Books. Each is cast and fired by hand and signed by Paine on the underside. If you are a book collector then you probably agree that there just aren't any decent bookends on the market. Everything is either too flimsy to support a row of heavy books, too poorly designed to do so without damaging them, or else too ugly to allow on the shelf in the first place. Paine's design has  none of these issues. They are smooth white porcelain so they won’t damage even the most fragile dust-jacket, they are heavy with a wide stance to stand solidly on the shelf and firmly support even tall, heavy art books, and they are designed to display a book face-out so you can show off a prized volume (but are such beautiful sculptural objects in themselves that you could just as well leave them unadorned).  They’re handmade so the dimensions vary slightly but each bookend is about 10 inches high, 7.5 in. wide, 6 in. deep, and weighs about 3.5 lbs. Ordinarily these bookends are $250 per pair but we now have a few available at a special price of $150 for a set of two. inquire

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FREE: new Jason Polan edition

Jason Polan
Every Counterfeit Handbag on Canal Street
Unlimited numbered edition, all copies signed

In the neighborhood near the 6 Decades shop dealers in counterfeit handbags do a brisk business. It’s illegal, of course, and the actual bags are kept in a secret room somewhere out of sight, so if you want to see the merchandise you’ll first be shown a small laminated booklet filled with tiny images of the various models available. 6 Decades was (with some difficulty) able to obtain one of these booklets and Jason Polan has now used it as the basis of his latest artists’ book. In format it is a precise facsimile of the original, but in this version Polan  has drawn every bag by hand. 6 Decades is pleased to announce that Every Counterfeit Handbag on Canal Street, a new publication by Jason Polan, is available beginning today. Each copy is signed and numbered and the book is FREE, but you must come by in person to pick it up at the 6 Decades / Boo-Hooray Holiday shop where it will be available exclusively, now through December 23. Sorry, no online ordering, not available on Kindle, no Fedex, no Priority Mail, one copy per person. 

Come by the Holiday Shop; every day from now to the 23rd there will be new freebies, and/or featured items announced on the website and Dirk Westphal's exhibition of nail polish Mondrians will also be on view. 

Holiday shop, featuring Dirk Westphal, opens Dec. 10

One must speak reverentially of masterpieces, that’s well understood. But does the pleasure of aesthetic contemplation really compare to the satisfaction of knowing you’ve just scored a great bargain? We may praise works displaying outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship, but when we vote with our feet it seems that what we really love is a cheap-knock off… Hey, no one needs to know you got your ‘Louis’ bag on Canal Street, right?

Canal Street Boogie-Woogie, Dirk Westphal’s new series of nail-polish Mondrians (more images), makes no attempt to resolve the internal conflict between high and low. The work plays on this tension; and, even better, it’s one of those beautiful things that let you have it both ways. Kind of like Jimi Hendrix playing The Star-Spangled Banner, which goes down like a frosty mug of patriotism but with a nice jolt of rebellion as a chaser, Westphal makes cover versions of works that aspired to Neo-Platonic purity out of tacky bargain bin materials. They’re clean and dirty all at once. You can high five yourself for being a culturally sophisticated art-world know-it-all and a savvy shopper who just got a bargain.

Works from Canal Street Boogie-Woogie and Westphal’s new artists’ book (in an edition of 50 signed and numbered copies) will be featured at the 6 Decades/Boo-Hooray Holiday Shop, open 11-6 Monday-Saturday from December 10th through the 23rd, with opening night festivities on Saturday, December 10, from 6-8pm.