Sunset Strip giveaway at Regency Arts Press benefit

The annual benefit Book Party for Regency Arts Press will be held on FRIDAY, APRIL 1ST at White Columns. Regency is an organization devoted to publishing and promoting artists’ books and has been behind many excellent publications and related projects in the past few years (more about Regency here). I would encourage anyone who is interested in contemporary artists’ books to join me at the 2011 book party. Tickets are available from 6 Decades or you may buy them directly from Regency at their website.   

Everyone who buys a ticket for the benefit receives a SIGNED book from one of a long list of artists who are Regency supporters. So, by attending you will not only get that warm glow inside which comes from doing charitable works, you will also get that warm glow which comes from knowing you’ve just scored a sweet art book that is very likely worth more than you paid for your ticket. Not a bad deal. And if you’re feeling lucky, buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win the signed copy of Every Building on the Sunset Strip that Regency will be giving away at the end of the party.