Reception for Patrick Paine, April 7th from 6-10 pm

Patrick Paine began his artistic career as a ceramicist but is now a sculptor working primarily with wire mesh. This a difficult and thoroughly unpromising material used primarily in construction to give structural integrity to poured concrete. Paine, however, uses this semi-transparent mesh to make remarkable crystalline structures in which form and volume, shadow and light, and line and plane interplay. That some of these structures resemble a Clovis point arrow head is less a specific visual reference than it is an affinity based on rigorous methods of creation that rely on paying close attention to the properties and possibilities of the material being worked, no matter if it is a sheet of wire mesh, or a chunk of obsidian. At the beginning of March Paine created an installation and window display at the 6 Decades/Sit and Read space at 236 grand street. A reception for the artist will be held April 7th from 6-10 pm. Please inquire for more information about the artist, this installation, or individual works on view.