International Andy

Andy Warhol, interior jackie

Andy Warhol. Buenos Aires: Galeria Rubbers, 1965.
8vo.; three unbound leaves folded together; monochrome screen-print illustrations.
First edition. This slender pamphlet is a very scarce early Warhol publication which accompanied one of his first solo exhibitions, held in Buenos Aires from July 29th to August 14th, 1965. The film Thirteen Most Beautiful Women was shown concurrently at Cineteca Argentina. The exhibition followed his first Sonnabend show in Paris by only a few months and was part of a surge of international exposure for Warhol in 1965. Leo Castelli had by then mastered the art of combining the international promotion of his artists with the interests of American cultural ambassadorship and this exhibition was organized under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Culture and Information, which helped produce this slender but lavish catalog in which the images reproduced are beautifully screen-printed throughout.
Andy Warhol, interior flowers
The show is also evidence of Buenos Aires’ flourishing contemporary art scene in the mid- to late 60s. In fact the city was home to some of the earliest Conceptual Art exhibitions held anywhere when Sol Lewitt, Lawrence Weiner and others produced exhibitions and artists’ books for CAYC (Centro de Arte Y Communicacion). This period of cultural cosmopolitanism coincided with a brief era of moderate civilian-led governments but largely came to an end (or went underground) with the political unrest and ‘dirty wars’ that beset Argentina beginning in the early 70s.

Andy Warhol, interior electric chair